• Brand: REDCOLOUR
  • Stock Code: Red1

It is a water based, elastic, energy saving thermal insulation indoor and outdoor paint
with high performance, consisting special vacuum beads, and having low thermal
Areas of Usage:
It is used on evened cement-based plasters and gross concrete surfaces,
cement board, and gypsum plaster, plaster block, gypsum board surfaces,
glass textiles and old painted surfaces on the indoor facades of all
It has low thermal conductivity. It prevents thermal loss and saves energy.
Surface Preparation:
The application surface must be clean, dry, smooth and solid. Cementbased
plasters gypsum plaster, plaster block, gypsum board surfaces
should be primered with one coat Indoor and Transfer Primer, at least 6
hours should be waited before passing to the application of "RedColour
Thermal Insulation.
User Manual:
The application surface should be cleaned from substances such as
dust, dirt, oil and the like. "RedColour Thermal Insulation Paint” should be
thinned with 10% water by volume and mixed thoroughly until it becomes
homogenous. It should be applied in two coats by brush or roller and at
least 2 hours should pass before applying the second coat. Ambient
temperature and temperature of the applied surface should be at least
+5°C maximum 30°C during the application and for a period of 24 hours
after the completion of application. Application tools should be washed
with water immediately after use.
Security Rules:
Storing and Shelf Life:
Up to 4 buckets should be placed in unopened original packaging in a cool
and dry environment. Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production
under suitable storage conditions.
3,5-10 and 20 Kg Plastic Bucket