• Brand: REDCOLOUR
  • Stock Code: subazd

It is the outdoor wall paint of 100% acrylic, with superior performance, preventing
the formation of cracks on the surface. It gives a wood appearance to the surface it
is applied.
Quality Documents:
Certified to TS 7847/ JUNE 2012 Standard.
Areas of Usage:
It is used on evened cement-based plasters and gross concrete, cement
board and old painted surfaces on the outdoor facades of all buildings.

It has high covering power and adherence. It is not affected by harsh
weather conditions, does not swell, crack, and its colors do not fade. It is
resistant to alkali.
Surface Preparation:
The application surface must be clean, dry, smooth and solid. The surfaces
should be primed in a single layer with "Silicone Based Outdoor Primer”
diluted 15-20% water by volume and waited for 12 hours before applying
the Standard Silicone Outdoor Wall Paint.
User Manual:
The application surface should be cleaned from substances such as dust,
blistered layers, dirt, oil and the like. Old, painted surfaces should be
thoroughly cleaned. If application is made on new mineral surfaces, the
surface should be cured for at least 28 days. It should be primed with
"RedColour Silicone Facade Primer" before application. "RedColour Silicon
Based Outdoor Diamond” should be thinned with 10% water by volume
and mixed thoroughly until it becomes homogenous. It should be applied
in two coats by brush or roller. It should be waited minimum 6 hours if the
application temperature is between 20-30°C, and minimum 2 hours if it is
30-40°C. During the application and for at least 6 hours, the temperature
of the environment and the application surface should be minimum 5° C.
Application should not be made in very hot weather, under direct sunlight,
in strong wind and rain-expected weather. Extreme hot surfaces should
be moistened before application. Application tools should be washed with
water immediately after use.
3-7,5 ve 15 Kg Plastic Bucket
Security Rules:
Storing and Shelf Life:
Up to 4 buckets should be placed in unopened original packaging in a cool
and dry environment. Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production
under suitable storage conditions